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With well over 20 years experience, we provide and install all types of the most popular flooring in homes throughout Santa Clarita and the entire Greater Los Angeles area. No matter if it's new carpet, vinyl, wood or laminate flooring, our team of installers are some of the very best around and we're sure you'll be thrilled with your new flooring.

New Carpeting for Your Home

New carpet will make your home more attractive with that that fresh, new look. Technology has come a long way and manufactures can now create beautiful and durable carpet, designed to last and look good too!

We have years of experience installing new carpet and preferred providers of all the most popular brands. You can be sure we'll install your new carpet it correctly and as per the manufactures specifications.

We carry trendy carpet in a variety of designs, colors, patterns, so you're sure to find something perfect for your home. Whether your home is elegant, low profile, or you have a busy family, we'll help you choose just the right carpet product to suit your home and your lifestyle. Carpet types include pattern, loops, textures or twist and whatever your choice it's sure to make your home pop!

We have the experience and expertise to install your new carpet, perfectly, every single time!

Carpet Installed in Your Home

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring Installed in Your Home

We also install some pretty nifty laminate floorings. In fact, you might be surprised to learn of today's state of the art, high tech laminate flooring. The laminated flooring of today is much improved and more attractive than flooring of old, and the durability as amazing. Be careful though, because an incorrect installation leads to disappointment and worse! 

Laminate floorings are available in a variety brands and material types but we can help you choose. We have loads of experience with laminate flooring, so contact us today!

Vinyl Flooring

Manufactured vinyl flooring has also come a long way in recent years and homeowner's will find some good values as well. Certainly, it's a dependable choice and yes, there are many designs, colors and styles from which to choose. We can start by helping you make the selections that best fit your needs and your budget.

Once selected and your vinyl flooring is available for installation, our crews arrive on time  and you'll love final results. When installing vinyl floors, it's the floor preparation that makes the difference and you can rest assured we get this right, every single time!

Vinyl Flooring Installed by Best Flooring SCV

Wood Flooring

If your looking for true elegance and want the real thing, wood flooring might be your best choice. Wood floor installations can be quite tricky and installers must be careful to acclimate the wood before installing in order to avoid expansion or contraction after installation. Then, don't forget, if going with real wood the final finish can be difficult.

Once the new wood floor is installed and finished, proactively maintaining your new wood floor is critical. In fact, to get the most out of your wood floors, it's a good idea to budget annual maintenance costs in order to hire a professional to come out to inspect and do any repairs needed. 

It's the Little Things that Make the Difference

When installing new flooring it's often the little things that really make the difference. In some cases your old base can be repaired, refinished and reused but sometimes it makes better sense to go with new. Also, when obtaining pricing for new floors request a price for new base as well. Having a brand new floor installed in only to discover the installer did not include the base can be a disappointment, so at least ask if this is included in your pricing. then, you don't want a beautiful new floor and poorly installed base. Although it seems like base would be simple to install, it really can be tricky, especially if your floor has lots of high and low spots.! 

Contact us today to to find out about the different base boards we offer with our new installations. 

Best Flooring SCV


"If you're looking for a flooring company to install new carpet or vinyl in your home, I suggest giving Best Flooring SCV a try. They did an outstanding job installing new wall to wall carpet in my rental home. It was a bit difficult because I decided to replace the carpet at the last minute in advance of new tenants moving in. Thankfully, Casey was able to respond quickly and came through in the nick of time. Yes, I highly recommend Best Flooring SCV for carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring."

Installed New Carpet Throughout
- Cindy A.

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